Pregnancy – The rest was ok

I was lucky enough to have a very easy pregnancy with no complications or issues. Baby was growing fine, doing well and everything was great.Baby development pictures

My pregnancy was also in the last year of my counselling course so it was a very interesting self awareness journey for me. I was on anti anxiety medication before I got pregnant and was recommended to stay on it until birth, just reducing the dose to one day on, one day off. However, 5 months into it, I forgot to take my medication. Then more and more days went by where I kept forgetting and eventually at my next midwife appointment she said if I feel fine then don’t bother taking them.

So it was great until I hit the last trimester and my anxiety started to slowly creep in. Everything was becoming real and as the countdown began, anxiety got worse.

I managed it until my due date, but then when baby decided he wasn’t ready, my anxiety was through the roof. I wasn’t coping at all and was increasingly breathless and on edge. I knew being relaxed was the best thing, so my next midwife appointment I asked to be booked in to talk about being induced.

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