We like food

So bubs is now 5 and a half months so I thought I might give him food here and there to try.

He loved it so much I bought some purée veg. He absolutely loved it. He is smashing food, just like his parents.

He’s not too sure about solid food yet, he just seems to smush it up in his hands, which is totally fine. It’s good to explore right?

I personally thought food might be a bit of a battle, but it’s been really fascinating watching him try new things, make faces and ask for more.

It is very sweet when he wants more, he leans forward and opens his mouth looking for a spoon, but gets very upset if there is no food there.

I’m still not sure how much is enough, I’m just following his lead, but he seems to be enjoying it a lot, as am I.

What I am finding really hilarious, is when he eats a whole pea or piece of sweet corn (I’ve given him the occasional frozen one when his teeth hurt) and the whole thing has come out in his poop. It might sound gross to some, but it is truly hilarious.

I remember the first time it happened, I shouted to my partner to come in the room quick; he dashed in like something was wrong and I pointed to his poopy nappy and said “Look! A whole pea!”

I was absolutely fascinated by it. But I guess as a first time parent, everything is a first and truly fascinating.

I’m wondering how other people’s experiences of food has gone?

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