Look who’s talking – Well, babbling

I love listening to my baby speak.

It is so sweet to hear him babbling away, talking to me, his toys, his feet.

I’m fascinated by the different sounds he makes; and hearing the new ones he comes up with everyday.

Today, he decided to make squealing pig noises and it is just adorable.

It must be very difficult for babies to make noises and learn the different ways of language. So many different languages in the world it is wonderful to hear when babies start doing it.

It’s funny because my little man am actually say ‘mama’ but he hasn’t quite associated that word with me. People keep telling me he’s saying mama! But he doesn’t know what he’s doing yet, he’s making all sorts of noises and testing things out.

I’ve heard things (as we all do about Baby development) that, depending on the baby, some talk first and some walk first. It really depends on what baby wants to do.

Some are more determined to move; and some are quite content which means they can practice language more.

I suppose their little brains are taking in so much information everyday, it must be difficult at this point in time (when they are so small) to focus on more than one thing.

For us, some things come naturally which we have done so much that it’s just there. Understanding language is something we learn and it is just awesome to see an actual person learning and practising language.

I look forward to the day he realises when he says ‘mama’ and knows he’s calling for me. I think my heart will melt.

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