Taking a back seat on food – for now

I posted a few days ago that My baby loves food.

He loves it loves it loves it.

However over he last few days we’ve noticed a big change in his poops.

He used to do one a day, but since giving him a little food he’s doing 7-8 really little ones.

We think it’s because his stomach is just not ready for food yet, so we have decided to take a break from giving him food to give his developing stomach a rest.

It’s very difficult as he was really enjoying eating, but I’d rather his tummy develop just a little bit more.

He is almost 6 months so not that long to wait.

I think I just got a bit over excited and desperately wanted him to start trying foods (I don’t want him to grow up fast, I love him being a little baby) as I want him to enjoy it as much as we do.

But I guess in this society everything is a rush. From the day you are born you are quickly needing to grow up as parents need to go back to work and start earning again.

I find it incredibly sad that kids can’t really be kids anymore and the bed to grow up quickly is so strong.

It feels like society today doesn’t really care about our future children, they just want what they want NOW! Are we living in an instant gratification society? It kind of feels that way. I want what I want and I want it NOW.

I am envious of the Scandinavian way. Education (even university) is free! So I’ve read anyway. Both parents get leave, and the dads can take it within the first 7 or 8 years of the child’s life which is lovely.

Yes I believe they pay more tax but it really does seem to go in investing in the future. Aren’t Scandinavia countries some of the happiest in the world?


Boom. Norway. Top 4 days it all.

As that report says, they seem to be investing in the future rather than instant gratification. Sure it’s a richer country due to oil, but it says they are happy in spite of it.

Anyway, I’ve massively digressed from the topic of taking a backseat on food, ventured off into instant gratification.

It’s hard to remember to follow the child’s lead sometimes because of all the excitement. However, I want my baby to be just that, a baby, that’s what he is at the moment (he’s always going to be my baby squidge) as he will grow up so fast and before I know it I’ll have a stroppy teenager who doesn’t need his mummy.

Oh what a sad day that will be.

But I’m confident he will like lots of food when his tummy is ready for it.

All babies develop at their own pace.

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