He wants to eat – Finding a balance

Today has been one of those days where bubs has clocked my food and has reached and reached for it until he got something to eat.

I said in a previous post that we had stopped feeding him for now, but when he began to cry I just couldn’t do it.

He hasn’t really eaten what I have given him, but sucked on it.

He seems to be really enjoying it, but I am wary of going overboard with food. It’s a very difficult balance as whenever he sees us eating he wants to eat too. It’s definitely a good sign but I am going to try and hold out for one more week (he is 6 months on Sunday) then we can start introducing food to him.

I noticed today that I find it a little difficult to not give him what he wants sometimes. Especially when it comes to food. I grew up in a family who loves food. We love to eat food, talk about food, cook food; it runs in my blood. The same with my partner, he loves his food, so it no surprise our boy does too. In my family, we were taught to never deny little ones what they want to eat (or anything for that matter) so this is why I find it hard sometimes.

We give children what they want no matter what; and I struggle with this as I wonder where the boundary is set. For me, everything has a safe boundary I think.

I’m not judging those who don’t set boundaries, I think people tolerate things differently and parent differently and that is ok, it is about what makes you comfortable at the end of the day.

I think for me, it’s all about being self aware and knowing what my limits are. Then being able to explain to my boy in a way he will understand. But again, it is a journey we are both learning together.

Parenting is a not knowing journey. Don’t know where it is going to take you, don’t know how you are going to feel until something happens and don’t know how you will handle certain situations until they happen.

But I think it is ok not know, sometimes I find it makes me anxious; and other times I find it quite exciting to see what will unfold.

The journey continues.

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