We have a roll! My baby rolled over!

So, squidge can roll from his tummy to his back. He has been able to to this for a while now, but he has really struggled to roll from his back to his tummy.

I think partly because he never really liked being on his tummy, so why would he want to roll onto something he doesn’t like?

Over the last week he has been so close a fair few times, if he just lifted his head a bit off the floor he would go over.

It’s funny because reflecting back, there was always a part of me that worries a little bit that he does or doesn’t do certain things at certain points. E.g. He is able to sit up mostly unaided for a long period of time. He sat up aided from 4 and a half months, but couldn’t roll?

In my mind I was puzzled, having the strength to sit up, but not to roll over? There was a part of me that thought he is just being a lazy baby and I struggled with that for a while, as it was something I really didn’t want. Unfortunately, me and my partner have lazy tendencies!

Anyway, looking back yes there was a part of me that was a bit anxious as other babies were doing it, but he wasn’t. When he did finally roll from tummy to back, I felt a bit more at ease as he could at least roll one way.

I’m learning to be a very patient person with my baby (I’m not the best at waiting and repeating myself over and over), but I remind myself that he is learning and it may take a long time before he understands what I am saying/meaning.

Anyway, he’s been so close for ages in rolling over, funnily enough, he started to move a lot more when we moved him out of his bassinet into his cot. In hindsight we probably should have done it sooner as he was really squidged in his bassinet, but we didn’t want to put him in his cot as it was in the next room. Solution? I moved his cot into our bedroom. Done!

The first night in it I woke in the morning with him turned 90 degrees! But it also ment he is now moving a lot more and started this whole rolling thing in his cot. Some mothers get anxious when baby starts to roll in their cot. Thinking about it, I wasn’t as I know he can roll the other way.

So after a week in his cot, finally, this morning, he rolled over! He got his arm out and grabbed a toy to chew it, then rolled back onto his back. I was so impressed and chuffed.

There was also a part of me that was relived that he finally did it, because I was getting a bit worried he wouldn’t. Although many people say it’s not a big deal as he is sitting, as a mother, I want him to be able to do all sorts of things; and unfortunately there is a lot of pressure to meeting these milestones. Whether that be from other mothers (unintentional of course) or health visitors (again, unintentional), I think there is a lack of awareness just how much pressure a mother feels for her baby to meet these milestones, even though people do it unintentionally.

I realise writing this blog that some mothers may feel pressured that their baby is not doing what my baby is doing also. All I can say is every baby does things in their own time and some not at all, it’s all ok, if they are happy and healthy all is good.

I realise as I say that it is likely to go in one ear and out the other. I say that because I’ve done it loads of times. I still do it. I think sometimes us mothers are our own worst enemies!

All I can do is my best, and again I try and remind myself everyday that is all I can do. Baby will do things in his own time and I know I have to learn to be patient and give him the space and opportunity to do so.

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