Leaving him with strangers for the first time – Mum hitting the gym

My local gym has a creche facility, which made me very interested in joining the gym. I was keen to try bubs in the creche because it meant I got an hour and a bit to go to the gym and do some exercise for myself.

I have been thinking a lot lately about taking care of myself and how the gym helps me get things rolling. However, it is incredibly hard to go in the evening, especially since I am completely exhausted from entertaining the little one. Also, it is a lot harder to fill the time in the day, so at least this way, he gets to be somewhere else new; and explore new and exciting things; and I get to get fit and feel better about myself.

Initially I was really up for it, and the creche allowed me a trial run before I joined the gym, because if he was unhappy and not willing to go, then I would just be wasting my money joining.

I thought I would be ok leaving him with strangers (qualified child minders) but I became nervous and unsure. On the one hand, I knew it was good for him to be without me for a little bit, but on the other, I wasn’t sure how someone else would take care of him. I still tried though, but I wanted him to want to go over to the creche, I didn’t want to just plonk him there and leave. I wanted him to make the choice to go and be picked up by one of the girls working there. Respecting that he had the choice to go or not if he wanted to. Also, he may have stranger anxiety and need a little time to process.

First time the girl put her arms out he smiled but was a little hesitant and just wanted to look around. I asked the girl to try again in a few minutes, so she wandered off into the creche and picked up a toy and rattled it. It got bubs interest, so she came over with the toy and put her arms out. He instantly felt safe so put his arms out towards her. I was thrilled that he made the choice to go have a look. He seemed to completely forget about mummy and began exploring all the toys. I wandered out and went upstairs to the cafe to have a coffee. I was constantly thinking about him, wondering if he was ok, was he going to cry when he realised I wasn’t there and would it all be pointless.

20 minutes went by and I was meeting a friend at 11 so made my way back to the crèche and they said he was totally fine and happy little thing. I was thrilled so joined the gym that day and booked him into the crèche for the next day.

It was weird the next day. I was excited to gym but still a bit nervous to leave him. He was my baby and I should be caring for him. I felt guilty needing this time to myself away from him for an hour. But I also thought it important for my sanity.

I did my first hitt session in a long time and felt awesome. Stretching was lovey and then collecting him from the crèche I get excited!

The girls said he whinged a bit but distracted him. I instantly saw him and said he was tired and she said yes he was wiping his eyes. Next time I think I will tell them if he wants to sleep let him go down.

Although whether they would let him or not I don’t know. It still felt great though.

I booked him in for 2 days next week so I can go to the gym in the day and I think not only will it be good for me to have a break, but also good for him to get used to other people and meet other children.

Let’s hope he gets used to it quickly.

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