My little scientist – Child Development

As a children’s counsellor, sometimes people think I might have all the answers on child development.

The answer to that question is a massive nope. I’m just as in the dark about child development as the next person. One thing I have learnt over time is that everybody is built up of a unique set of make-up which makes them the one and only of who they are. This includes children I think. I have a lovely group of new mum friends and all the babies are developing in their own unique ways and it is absolutely amazing to be part of it.

Elements of personality are so complex, it’s difficult to even begin to comprehend how a person came to be who they are today. In fact, this blog post would likely be way too long and it wouldn’t even scratch the surface.

One thing I find incredibly fascinating, is watching my little one develop and discover something new everyday since the day he was born. Just thinking back to his first days in the world, and seeing him now is an incredible gift.

This always brings up the nature/nurture debate. In all honesty, I think it is a combination of both and their experiences that make people who they are. I would find it incredibly difficult to label a person in a certain category. They may have traits but the label doesn’t need to be set in stone. I talked about labelling our children in another post.

It has been fascinating watching my little one discover his hands, feet and people. I still remember the day he recognised me or my partner leaving a room and then returning. The look on his face when he realised Daddy had left the room, going from a happy chap to the heart breaking sad face pout. Then daddy returns and its all smiles and giggles (Yay! Daddy is back!).

Recently, his body senses have kicked in and he has started to become ticklish! I’m not sure about any of you, but hearing a baby laugh is the best sound in the world. My heart melted and I want to hear him laugh every day.

I digress, child development is an interesting topic. One that is still being learnt about. Things have changed so much, from giving baby puree, to baby led weaning. To helping your child explore the world, to letting them do thing when they are ready. There is so much information that it can be so overwhelming to know where to begin.

Personally, my journey with my little one has been one of letting him discover things for himself and being on hand if he needs me. He knows I am there, witnessing his discoveries, offering help when he needs it and he has come such a long way in such a short space of time.

I think what we need to remember is all children are different and all of us are different and we are all doing what we think is best for our kids.

That is good enough.

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