Trying lots of new flavours – Noticing I really don’t like waste

Bubs has been eating food for about a week now and he has tried all sorts. He loves it!

He has days where he doesn’t want food, all he wants is milk and I am fine with that, I am just rolling with him and giving him food to try, but also stopping if he just wants milk.

For example yesterday he had a few bites of food then got fussy and didn’t want any more. So I offered him milk and he drank a fair bit of that.

However today was definitely a food day. He ate 6 scoops of porridge (which I measured with the measuring spoon you get in the Aptamil formula) with apple puree, 1/4 cup pasta with sauce and some melty puff things.

I suppose food is something he just getting used to and I want to give him as much variety as possible so he gets to taste lots of flavours.

However in all honesty I am finding it very difficult to cook for him. I know I should be giving him what my partner and I eat, but I have realised we eat a lot of stuff with salt and I struggle to make him things that have no salt.

I guess this is all a learning curve for me. As much as I love cooking, I also find it an incredible hassle sometimes and just want something super easy to cook and eat. This makes things very tricky because I also find eating healthy difficult.

I wish I could just compile a list of healthy recipes, low carb, high protein that we could all eat and be done with it. It is actually very difficult.

But the one thing I am pleased with is that squidge will try anything at the moment. So I am making the effort to give him everything except the list of things he shouldn’t be eating.

I am also finding however, if he doesn’t want something, that I don’t know what to do with it. I find it eventually getting wasted and thrown away. Which makes me incredibly cross as I have worked very hard to not waste any food.

I do realise however that he is just a baby and trying new things, maybe he doesn’t want it that day. I try again the next day and keep trying. However, something things will just go in the bin. I hate wasting food. It makes me sad to think there are people in the world who have no food; and here I am getting upset that baby isn’t eating something. But, again, he is just a baby and learning so I get torn between these feelings sometimes.

I’m not going to force him to eat as I want him to enjoy food, so if I can eat what he doesn’t want then I will, but I find that I actually make a bit less for him, or if he is trying something new I make sure I like it before I get something or make something.

I find if the food isn’t salty enough it tastes horrible. Perhaps I was given salty stuff as a baby as I love salty food!

So I hope as he gets more used to food there will be less waste, but for now, I’m just following his lead.

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