More standing up – starting to find his balance

Not so long ago I posted about bubs wanting to stand up. That’s all he wants to do.

Lately I am finding the more he does it, the more he is finding his balance and trying to let go of my fingers to stand on his own. It is really fascinating to watch this transformation.

He is still incredibly wobbly, however he really is trying to stand on his own and pushing himself. I notice he gets really frustrated when he gets tired because he just wants to stand and he just hasn’t got the strength in his abs or legs to do it right now.

It makes me think about what muscles are used to help him stand up and how his brain processes the information to make something that he really has to think about right now, into something that will eventually be in his unconscious because he will just be able to do it. At what point does this happen?

How long will it all take?

I’ve experimented with thinking this way. Right I want to stand up, what do I need to do, where does the weight need to go? What muscles am I engaging to be able to stand up? It is really complicated to think about.

Feet need to go on the floor. All leg muscles need to engage, core muscles need to engage, hip joints, back etc. I googled it and found this website, and this video.

It’s just ridiculous just how much goes into standing up and balancing. This is something we have learnt to do. I’m watching a tiny person learning this and I find myself in awe sometimes. I also find myself feeling sad for him as he has to go through all this and get upset. I don’t like seeing him upset, but I also know that it is good for him to feel frustrated and grow that determination to push himself.

I wonder how long it will be until he can balance by himself?

Watch this space.

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