Been fussy lately

Lately, I have noticed that bubs has been incredibly fussy. The last few days have been difficult as he has just not been his normal happy self.

Sometimes I think I am not attuned enough and am just making silly mistakes, thinking he might be hungry or thirsty; and other times I wonder if it is him that doesn’t really know what he wants.

Maybe a bit of both? I do find that nothing is right for him at the moment. That must be incredibly difficult for a baby to understand. I mean, I’m an adult and I get frustrated when I don’t know what I want, I can only imagine these new feelings for a baby must be overwhelming.

I’m aware I want to say that it is difficult to know what is “right”, but I don’t think there is a right way. It could be anything.

  • Boredom – Of all the stuff around him
  • Frustration – Of wanting to get places but not being able to yet (although he is trying!)
  • Not knowing what he wants – Which I talked about a moment ago
  • Hunger
  • Thirst
  • Tiredness
  • Teeth
  • Not wanting the toy he has, but wanting that other one over there

The list is endless.

Maybe I am attuned and just need to accept that nothing is right at the moment. Just sit with him in his whinging, frustrated state and be with him in it, rather than trying to fix it or make it go away.

But then I wonder how I can teach him that if there is frustration there, how to do something about it rather than sit in it.

Which is totally opposite than sitting with him in it.

I know he is only a baby, but is it too early to start showing him he can do something about it? I suppose in a way I am by trying to help him in trying all that bullet point list, but it is difficult to know for sure.

I feel like my mind is going around in circles and perhaps I am over thinking it a bit. But hey, as a therapist that is what I do, try to think of all angles. Ha.

What I do know is how I feel when he gets upset or constantly whinges. At first I am fine, but when it has been going on for a few days it wears me down and my patience becomes very thin. It’s not his fault, but I only have so much patience.

I end up having to just walk away for a few minutes to take a breath, gather myself and try again.

But in saying that, his dummy has been a godsend. Even though I am trying to wean him off it, it is a big fail at the moment as it is the only thing sometimes that keeps him calm.

Hey, if it works for him then I’m not going to just take it away if it helps. Sometimes Mummy just isn’t enough; and I am ok with that. Whatever he needs to help himself feel better is what I will do.

If he wants his Daddy, then that is totally fine, if he wants someone else, I’m cool with that. You do you baby, but know that Mummy will always be here when you need her to be.

I just hope the fussy phase ends soon. But I think until he can walk and get to where he wants to go it might go on for a little while yet.

Or until he can say “Yo mamma, I want [this – insert what baby wants here] please.”



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