Holiday with a baby – First Time

We booked a holiday to Menorca this year travelling with bubba for the first time.

I was super excited to get away for a week with bubs and partner for a week of fun and relaxation. In fact, as I am writing this post we are on holiday!

The week up to going away, I was unconsciously getting more stressed because the house was a mess, we hadn’t made a list of what to take on holiday (I love a good list) and I knew that packing for a holiday with a baby would take just a little bit of planning.

As the bank holiday weekend fast approaches we still hadn’t done anything and I was getting very cranky. It was no ones fault, I just didn’t want to forget anything and hinder the relaxation I wanted on holiday.

Besides, it would be tricky anyway as bubs is starting to sofa surf and able to haul himself up to standing on the sofa.

So I knew I needed a bit more time to do things.

Plans over the bank holiday weekend just seemed to hinder the ability to pack for a holiday we were excited to go on but also didn’t want to think about.

Finally on Monday when bubs had a long sleep I made a list of what to pack in our luggage and hand luggage. I left my partner to do his list.

Low and behold come Tuesday, I felt terrible. I had a migraine, to the point it made me throw up a couple of times. Luckily my lovely neighbour took bubba for a few hours so I could just get some sleep.

Still there was no packing done and we were flying Wednesday early morning!

Eventually my partner came home from work and it was all a packing frenzy. I was incredibly stressed and did not want my holiday to start this way. We bickered and just both ended up getting pissed off at the fact that there was a lot to pack (we likely over packed for every scenario).

We didn’t get to Partners parents until about 10pm and we were both exhausted.

We went straight to bed knowing we had to get up at 5am to get to the airport.

Even then it didn’t feel like I was totally relaxed because I knew bubba would want feeding and I wanted to just chill out in the lounge we were lucky to have access to.

Being a mother it is incredibly difficult for me to relax because I want to make sure squidge is alright before I can switch off.

When my neighbour took him, it was honestly one of the best things as I knew he was in great hands so I could turn off and sleep.

I’m sure bubs would have been fine, I just know he’s been a bit fussy lately as he is changing and getting frustrated at not being able to communicate and walk. Which means he wants to do it all more and more.

Luckily as soon as we got on the plane he was fabulous. Super chilled, smiling and flirting with the air hostesses, then fell asleep for pretty much the whole flight until we landed.

I was a little nervous he would be whinging a lot and I felt for the mother who’s child was whinging before take off and when landing.

I felt bad as I even felt like I was judging in some way that the parents couldn’t keep their toddler calm without an iPad. That’s how we keep our children occupied these days and I am sure I will do that sometimes also.

I had an old lady who was waiting for the loo say that my boy was so lovely and calm unlike that toddler she was sitting near who just wouldn’t stop crying and screaming.

As a result it was nice to hear that bubs was really good and super chilled on a flight with a load of people.

Because if he wasn’t I think I would get very worked up and upset that I was the mother who couldn’t keep my child calm and content.

Hopefully that means I’m doing something alright because he loves people.

I notice he seeks people out to look at him so he can interact and learn things (mostly that people are very smiley to him and so he is very smiley back)

More to come…

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