Holiday with a baby – Part 2

So after a great flight we got out and looked for the person whom we needed to collect our hire car from.

Once that was all sorted and bubs had a feed while the car was getting sorted, it was holiday time! We stayed at the other end of the island so it was a 50 minute drive. It was nice, bubs was babbling away, and also fell asleep.

The hotel was nice and of course the little charmer flirted with the lady behind the desk at check in.

The first few days on holiday bubs was incredibly fussy, to the point I had to walk away for a little while as did my partner because we just couldn’t figure out what he wanted. After he end of a few really rough days, we ended giving him calpol and he went back to his normal self. On Day 2 we realised it was likely his teeth as he went through 4 dribble bibs in a day! But alas still no teeth!

Eventually he became alright and back to his normal self and we enjoyed days on the beach, wandering around town and then coming back for an evening of sofa surfing and playing.

I noticed he went back to drinking milk more than eating food, I think perhaps because it was incredibly hot for him and he wanted to stay hydrated. At first for me this was incredibly difficult as I didn’t have enough milk and ran out (I accounted for him having 2 meals a day, which he didn’t and ended up drinking milk 4 times in the day if not five) so having to buy milk became our biggest spend. I just tried my best to follow his lead.

I know next time!

The manager at the hotel adored him and told us he wanted to take him as he was just so happy and relaxed. Also he was eating broccoli and loving it!

We were looking forward to coming home however, back to our creature comforts.

Not to say that Menorca wasn’t lovely, I’d go back in a heartbeat.

But I also now have the experience of travelling with a little one. As he gets older I know things will change.

Even as we are back off holiday now he is changing so much! He can pretty much pull himself up from laying down now, so I really don’t think it will be long before he is off exploring the world.

I’m excited and also very nervous. I hope I can keep him safe.


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