We’re crawling!!


Bubs has been pulling himself up and sofa surfing for a while. However I began to notice how frustrated he became when he couldn’t get places.

So for the last week I have been trying to encourage him to crawl and show him that he can get places this way.

We got off to a rocky start because I kept putting him on his tummy and he isn’t really the biggest fan of tummy time. But he managed to get himself on to all fours but not go anywhere which starting causing more upset.

So it was a juggle of tummy time and sofa surfing for a few days.

Then he began to slide a knee forward after showing him a video of a baby crawling. He’s very observant but just couldn’t quite figure it out even with me crawling about all over the floor all excited.

A last resort was to take to him to a play group where I knew babies were crawling. He loves babies and watching people so I thought that might help.

Before anyone judges, I wasn’t putting pressure on him to crawl. I was merely encouraging my baby to think of other ways to get around as dogs surfing could only get him so far.

If he got super upset on his tummy I would just sit him up near the sofa so he could pull himself up and be happy again.

So anyway I took him to a gymnastics club which runs baby classes and on his tummy he watched other babies crawling around all over the place, but he just lay there watching.

Never mind I thought, I’ll just keep trying encouraging walking and crawling.

We got home and I fed him, he had a 30 minute snooze and then woke up.

Rolling onto his tummy he perched himself up on all fours and did a little jig. One knee came forward with and arm, then the other, then the other…


An hour and half after that class of watching babies he was off!

I was incredibly proud and even cried at his success.

He is now happily crawling about but still always wanting to pull himself up and sofa surf.

I’m happy he can finally do it and don’t mind him pulling himself up so much now. Not that I mixed in the first place, I was just a bit worried about co-ordination, even though I shouldn’t be as some babies skip crawling and go straight to walking.

But all in all, everyone is happy!

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