It’s hard to find the time

I’ve noticed that I haven’t written up anything in a while.

We’ve been very busy practising our crawling skills, and talking skills.

These last few days bubs has had a really hard time getting himself to sleep for the night.

My partner and I have tried to bring bedtime forward a bit to help his over tiredness.

He sleeps fine through the night most nights, but his naps in the day I think are really starting to affect him. If he doesn’t get enough sleep in the day, by the evening bubs is so grumpy that we end up getting grumpy too.

He can’t help it. He’s got so much going on and his mind is so busy.

I remember being like that, where I just had so many thoughts and things to think about I ended up getting over tired and grumpy because I just couldn’t sleep.

Now as an adult I know a bit of mindfulness and deep breathing helps me process the day, but I’m trying to figure out a way to help squidge calm down and rest for a good nights sleep.

  • He’s crawling now
  • He is constantly pulling himself up and sitting down
  • I think he has realised that I can leave the room without him so he gets upset (separation anxiety)
  • Teething! (more on this next post!)
  • Learning lots of new things everyday

It’s been incredibly difficult on all of us and it hard to find the time to spend with my partner, talk about things or even process the day.

I am so tired at the moment that as soon as bubs eventually does drift off, I sit for about an hour or so, have something to eat and go to bed, hopefully getting a bit of rest for the next day.

As bubs only really sleeps for about 10-20 minutes in the day, I don’t feel I have enough time to stop, reflect, take a breath to get myself ready for the next bit of the day.

It’s the same thing being a therapist, I need time to stop and reflect on what has happened in a session, process it and then I can move on to my next client.

As I can’t do this with bubba, I find myself being less attuned to his needs and feeling like I cant give him what he needs because I haven’t got it in me to stop and think about it.

This makes me feel like a bad mum sometimes. But I also know I am trying to do my best for the situation I am in, and that is all I can do.

Forgiving myself doesn’t come easy. It’s something I have found very hard to learn, also having the time to do it would be nice!

All in all though, although this post seems like a bit of a whinge, bubba is still very happy and content.

I find myself taking him out and about in the day for play dates, messy play, creche time (so I can go to the gym) as well as baby gym so he has different things to do and see.

Lets hope the sleep gets better and remind myself that this is all just a phase!

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