I’m one of those people that likes to keep myself busy.

Whether that be playing with bubs, cleaning the house or escaping in a game on my phone once bubs is asleep.

I find it incredibly difficult to think about how I’m feeling, but it also means that I don’t make time to appreciate what I have either.

Which means that all these feelings build up and eventually come bursting out as anger, resentment or tears.

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately because little one is starting to want to walk places (by walk I mean hold mummies fingers to balance and walk to places), which means there really isn’t time to think about anything, because when he naps I pretty much sit down and rest also.

It does my back in as I’ve got problems with it anyway but I can’t deny him wanting to move either.

I’ve also noticed that I am bottling up feelings because everyone has their own stuff going on, so I don’t want to burden them with my stuff.

As bubs gets more active and crawls around, I do my best to provide a rolling commentary of what he is doing at point in the day.

I don’t really take the time to appreciate what is going on as I my to do list is a mile long.

However, I’ve been reflecting lately and have been trying to remain present and play with bubba, as well as have conversations with people and live in the head and now.

It’s a big challenge as I’m always thinking about the future, but I keep trying to remind myself that squidge is only a baby once and to enjoy every minute of it. Even the hard times.

This is why I don’t mind cuddling him to sleep because he wants me to. When he’s older he isn’t going to want his mummy cuddling him to sleep because he will be a stroppy teenager.

So just appreciate what’s going on right now and enjoy everything you have, even if it’s just for a few seconds, as it might not be there much longer

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