I can now climb on the sofa

So, that’s right, bubba can officially climb onto the sofa!

It was very interesting to watch and I was also aware it was hard to watch him fail a few times before finally doing it.

He did once before by fluke I think? He pushed his toy too far and just instinctively lifted his leg and managed to get up.

This time however, he really had to think about it.

He was trying desperately to get his shapes from on the sofa and became increasingly frustrated, yelling and getting upset and cross.

I really heard his frustration and upset but had to battle myself to let him keep trying. As a parent I want him to succeed, however I also want to be there when he needs my help. How do we know where this balance is?

Well, we don’t really. I try to listen to my gut, and let him get a little upset and frustrated. I couldn’t tell you where I draw the line.

One time he put a shape too far on our bay window and he got upset because he couldn’t reach it. I sat down next to him and put my arms out if he wanted a cuddle and he took my hand and moved it toward the shape! He knew he couldn’t get it but I could.

I question myself a lot. Do I get that he will ask for help when he needs it like the bay window? Or do I just wait and see what happens? Or, do I do it for him?

Now, I’m not sure about anyone else and whatever choices other people make there are no judgements here, I do my best to do what I think is best for my bubba.

So I tend to not do things for him unless I need to, especially in his learning. I do try to create a safe fun space where he can explore freely with things and experiment.

This is why I restrained myself from helping him get up onto the sofa. Although I found the frustration hard to hear, I was with him, I heard him and empathised that it was difficult, but also felt it important that frustration to a point is something that needs to be learnt to feel and experience. Others may not agree and I fully respect that, as said the choices others make are what they feel are best at the time.

Up he got again, moaning in frustration and yet, this time he managed to get himself up to his toys!


Although, he couldn’t get back down again.

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