Sleep training, yay, nay, yay, nay..

I’ve had a really shit few days. Thursday I reached a point where I just couldn’t take anything else going wrong.

I won’t go into it but let’s just say I cried several times!

Anyway, this post is about trying to get my bubba to sleep at a reasonable time, by reasonable I mean before 9pm!

These last few weeks baby has gradually been sleeping later and later and causing a right fight when trying to get him to sleep.

Today I thought that cycle had broken as he was super hungry so gave him his usual milk and he passed out asleep at 7pm. Shock!

Victory! I thought, then remembered the shit few days I had and knew it wouldn’t last.

Of course, I was right, he woke at 7:45pm and didn’t go back to sleep until 8:45pm. By this time I was exhausted; and have been considering sleep training.

However after reading article after article I’m now questioning what is the right thing to do.

As a child counsellor, I’ve learnt to follow the child’s lead and be there when they need me to help and think about what might be going on for them.

As a mother, this has come in handy also and squidge has excelled physically quite a lot, and getting on verbally too. I’ve given him the space to explore his world and he’s generally very happy.

Except when it comes to sleep. For some reason I’m finding it hard to trust my instincts and allow him the space to be able to sleep on his own when he is ready because I am exhausted and just don’t get and evening to myself at all any night.

As much as I understand it is important to be open and available for my baby, I also need time for myself to reset and reboot to be able to continually be available for him.

Which means not only does he need sleep, I do too!

It’s a really hard balance to be honest and I’m constantly questioning what to do.

Some article I’ve read are below

Sleep train a baby? Don’t! – Psychology Today

Ten reasons to not sleep train your baby – Sarah Ockwell-Smith

Does sleep training your baby cause long term harm? – Riley Children’s Health

There doesn’t seem to be enough evidence in whether it is something that parents should do or not.

I guess for me I just don’t want to cause my little one any stress by letting him cry or feel like I’m not there for him when need reassurance. But I also need a break from him every now and then so I can rest and give him what he needs. Without that rest I feel like I have nothing left to give! I end up getting frustrated and cross and that’s not fair on him, he is just doing what a baby does.

I’m still battling with whether I should sleep train or not, I know I should do what I think is best, but in this instance I don’t know what is best right now.

Only time will tell I guess.

At least during the day he will come over and try to climb up onto me when he is tired and fall straight asleep. Perhaps that is what I need to do in the evening also?

Who knows.

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