We are learning to talk

These last couple of weeks I have noticed a massive change in bubba.

It has been really interesting to watch how he has been developing and what part of himself he is focusing on at any given point.

After he learnt to crawl like a little pro, I noticed that as much as he loves walking with us supporting him, his language has come on leaps and bounds.

He can now see one of our cats and say “cat”. He can also say “duck” when he sees his duck toy.

Now he can also say “mama”, or “mummy” but I am still not convinced he knows that word is me.

I think personally that a baby can talk when they associate the word they are saying with the object/person.

So technically in this sense his first word was “cat”. Ha!

I think it is very interesting that he switched from trying to get moving to now trying to talk. I wish I could see inside his little brain and examine how it all works.

In saying that though, I know of some babies very early on saying words but not moving and I think that is totally fine also. Our little monsters all develop in their own way and I want to be nourishing and encouraging whatever stage my little one is at right now.

So in picking up that he is trying to learn to talk, I label everything he picks up so he can know this object is this word; and hope for the association to kick in.

It’s funny how I can now say “where’s panda?”, and watch his eyes scan the room for the panda and crawl off to go and pick it up in glee when I say “yay panda!” And clap at his achievement.

So although he knows the sound of what I am saying in relation to the object, he can’t say these words just yet.

I was on FaceTime to my Mum yesterday and he picked up a bit of cardboard and was swishing it about, as I labelled it for him I chuckled to my mum and said “wouldn’t it be funny if he just all of a sudden came out with “CARDBOARD!”, perfectly?”

I think for me it is important that I follow his lead in helping him develop what he is focusing on right now and keep observing for changes so we are both present in the moment and can flourish together.

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