It’s been a while…

That’s right, it’s been quite some time since I wrote on my blog. Things have been quite the rollercoaster since then.

I’ve been meaning to get back into writing on my blog but the reality is that I just haven’t had the strength or stamina to be able to do it.

A lot has happened since, my gosh August 2018! We are firstly at the end of 2019!

My last post was about my little on learning to talk, and my goodness can this boy talk! He will not stop talking now! He turned 2 in October which was lovely and his vocabulary has just sky rocketed. He knows so many words, emotions, descriptions of things it is ridiculous.

He also loves books. I mean, my goodness, I have sat reading to him for about an hour and a half some days because all he wants is mummy to read book after book after book. His imagination is also on the verge of ridiculous. He makes up stories when he’s playing, we run away and hide from monsters, make friends with dragons, change poopy bears nappies and have tea parties with all these creatures too.

He is just a lovely little fella.

However, the impact these things have had on me have been wonderful and yet also challenging. As a counsellor I know it’s important to be available for our children to explore things safely, but sometimes, these things can take there toll and all we can offer is what we can offer and I always have to remind myself that it is enough.

Now my biggest news is that I am due baby number 2 in February, which bought a wave of mixed emotions with it. I am excited about baby number 2, but it has taken a while to get there due to the very rollercoaster pregnancy I’ve had with this one. Lots of sickness, illness, total, utter exhaustion, running a house, working, being with my first child does end up taking it’s toll.

Emotionally, I have been really up and down and in all honesty it’s been hard raising my son while growing another human in my body.

Our most recent challenge has been the lack of listening. It’s been really hard to keep my cool when my little one chooses not to listen but recently I had a revelation. Throughout my own life I have felt unheard, so when my tiny human decides he doesn’t want to hear me, what is going to happen? Of course it is going to trigger some unconscious feeling of not being heard and I am naturally going to get cross! It’s been a real eye opener finally seeing this, as I know he doesn’t mean it, but I couldn’t quite work out the reason it was making me so cross, until I asked for some advice on a Facebook group and after some of the comments, realised that it was triggering something. Now I am trying to remain clam, observe what he is doing as it is clearly important to him, then when an opportunity arises, I will ask. It’s only been a day, so can’t really say it’s working yet. But will keep you posted.

I would like to keep this blogging up, this time around with 2 bubbas! But I will see how I go and post as and when I can.

I also can’t believe it’s the end of a decade! DECADE!

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