We are learning to talk

These last couple of weeks I have noticed a massive change in bubba. It has been really interesting to watch how he has been developing and what part of himself he is focusing on at any given point. After he learnt to crawl like a little pro, I noticed that as much as he loves... Continue Reading →

All he wants to do is stand up

Over the last few days, bubs has started to be able to pull himself up to stand when grabbing someone's hand. It's very cute as his face lights up like 'yeah! Check me out!' Now all he wants to do is stand up and jiggle about. Which means any hand that goes in front of... Continue Reading →


Hi there, my name is Sea and I am a little late in starting blogging about my journey as a new mother. I'm 5 months in and I've only just built up the confidence to start this. A little bit about me: I'm 34, a children's counsellor, first time mum to a wonderful little baby... Continue Reading →

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