All he wants to do is stand up

Over the last few days, bubs has started to be able to pull himself up to stand when grabbing someone's hand. It's very cute as his face lights up like 'yeah! Check me out!' Now all he wants to do is stand up and jiggle about. Which means any hand that goes in front of... Continue Reading →

My Inner Child

My little bubs can pull himself up to sitting with holding my hands. He's been able to do this for a while now, but today he decided he wanted to stand up and just launched himself up while he was holding my hands, no assistance! I was incredibly proud! All he wants to do now... Continue Reading →

Recovery in Hospital – Part 2

So I was in a room with another lovely lady whose baby just screamed and screamed all day and all night. At first it wasn't terrible, but the longer I was in hospitals the worse it got. I felt for her, my baby didn't cry at all, he slept a lot, fed, pooped and slept... Continue Reading →

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