We are learning to talk

These last couple of weeks I have noticed a massive change in bubba. It has been really interesting to watch how he has been developing and what part of himself he is focusing on at any given point. After he learnt to crawl like a little pro, I noticed that as much as he loves... Continue Reading →

I can now climb on the sofa

So, that's right, bubba can officially climb onto the sofa! It was very interesting to watch and I was also aware it was hard to watch him fail a few times before finally doing it. He did once before by fluke I think? He pushed his toy too far and just instinctively lifted his leg... Continue Reading →

We like food

So bubs is now 5 and a half months so I thought I might give him food here and there to try. He loved it so much I bought some purée veg. He absolutely loved it. He is smashing food, just like his parents. He's not too sure about solid food yet, he just seems... Continue Reading →

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