Me time – Time for yourself

I spoke about making time for ourselves as mummies because it is really important for me that I have the patience and calm to help my son grow and develop. It can be very difficult to find time for myself a lot of the time because when I do get time away from bubs I'm... Continue Reading →

His first cold

It's been a tough few days if I am honest. Hence I have not posted much. My little one became quite sick and needed taking care of. His was full of snot and cold and was just miserable. I usually don't mind colds, but I was anxious and worried as his nose was so blocked... Continue Reading →

My Inner Child – Part 2

I recently came across this article on The Daily Om about healing your inner child. I thought it was very interesting considering I talked previously in a post about my own inner child. It's been incredibly difficult to think about, since I have been feeling disconnected and at most moments when I can I just... Continue Reading →

Still feeling disconnected

I love being with my baby, I find it a real gift. However I am still feeling disconnected from the world a lot of the time. Whether that be escaping into my phone after he has gone to bed, or even noticing that I feel disconnected even when he is awake. I have everything I... Continue Reading →

My Inner Child

My little bubs can pull himself up to sitting with holding my hands. He's been able to do this for a while now, but today he decided he wanted to stand up and just launched himself up while he was holding my hands, no assistance! I was incredibly proud! All he wants to do now... Continue Reading →

Recovery in Hospital – Part 2

So I was in a room with another lovely lady whose baby just screamed and screamed all day and all night. At first it wasn't terrible, but the longer I was in hospitals the worse it got. I felt for her, my baby didn't cry at all, he slept a lot, fed, pooped and slept... Continue Reading →

The Mummy weight loss battle

I have battled with my weight a lot of my life. I unfortunately have the fat gene, therefore it is very difficult for me to lose weight. I come from an Indian heritage as well so fatness runs in my family. I was always the skinniest of all my family, as I took care of... Continue Reading →

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